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Like for example, if you want to have a quick search with all your images, this application has a face search. All in all, Picture Motion Browser really takes the hard work in organizing our media collection. We can also automatically sort out all of our movies and pictures according to the date of our images by simply transferring them into a Sony laptop. You only have to follow the instructions of this application and you will easily learn how to manage this amazing software.

I simply love photos. I like taking pictures with my DSLR for high resolution images. I love it! Usually however, having multiple devices and several SD cards makes me wonder "Where should I store the pictures and how can I retrieve them fast?

Help! How Do I get My Sony Camcorder to Upload to My Mac - September - Forums - CNET

I found this photo and video managing tool that allows me to keep my photos and videos in chronological order for easy retrieval. Another nice feature is the face search which allows me to find images of the same couple or person. Next feature is the basic video editing tool that allows me to extract frames and take it as a picture. Lastly, I can even share the photos and videos I made! Isn't it amazing? The bottom line is, this photo and video managing is a very powerful tool which has a basic video editing tool, a face search feature, can easily upload the images and video to the Internet and the best of all, it is easily retrievable!

What else do you need? Everything is here! To view and convert. The handycam utility said I need itl Thanks. I am going to download videos from my Sony Handycam so I can enjoy my home movies. I needed to update the program because my disc is outdated. Picture Motion Browser 2. Software is verry usefull and I want to update my version.

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It hopefully works with windows xp to get movies off the handycam cassette and onto my desktop computer so I can organize as keep then for a. Very well setup and easy to use website. I would definitely use this site again. Click through the thumbnails above to follow these steps: Click here to open the Sony Drivers and Software Downloads Web page. Select your operating system. The "Filter Files by Category" drop-down list appears. Download and install the file you can use to install the program if you lost your original disc.

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Now that you've downloaded the software you need, you can start transferring: Turn on your computer if it isn't turned on already. Swing out the display of the Sony Handycam. Select "USB Connect. A PMB Import dialog box may also appear on your computer screen.

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As you become a more advanced importer, you can use this option, but this time we'll launch the import from within the program. Launch the PMB program on your computer.

Help! How Do I get My Sony Camcorder to Upload to My Mac

This is the same box you may see after connecting your Sony Handycam to your computer and selecting USB Connect on the camcorder. This dialog box will list your Sony Handycam, storage drives on your computer, and potentially other connected devices. Select the name of your Sony Handycam and then click "Next.

Beneath the Import Method option you can elect to import all of the files from the Handycam to the computer, import only files that haven't already been transferred from the camcorder, or select the files you want to pull from the Handycam to your computer. Also, you can click to check a box that will automatically delete any files from your camcorder after they've been transferred to your computer. Click "Browse" beneath "Import Media Files" to designate a specific folder where you want to place the files you're transferring from the Sony Handycam.

1. Download and Install Picture Motion Browser

You can also select a check box to instantly place the files being pulled from the Handycam in a new folder and also give that folder a name. The "Import Media Files to PMB" dialog box will shrink and turn into a progress bar, displaying a few frames of the content you're transferring in a small box on its right side. The "Media File Import Completed" dialog box will appear after the files have been successfully moved from the Handycam to your computer.

Select "Open Imported Folder" to view the folder containing the content you transferred from the Sony Handycam to the computer that was indexed automatically by PMB. Double-click the content to display or play it in PMB, or close PMB, navigate to where you saved the file to your computer and then play it from there.

After verifying the content has been successfully transferred from the Handycam to your computer, it's safe to both close PMB and eject your camcorder from the computer. You can safely eject the camcorder from the computer by pressing the "End" button on the Handycam's display. Disconnect the USB cable from the camcorder after a message appears on the camcorder's display saying it's safe to do so. How often do you capture new video? Once a week Twice a month When the mood hits Holidays and special occasions See results.

Answer: I'm not familiar with that particular model. Helpful Consumer Electronics. Perhaps you might update your article and make it easy to use? Is it true that Sony Digital8 Handycam software requires Windows 8. How do l turn my football recording to a continuous rcording. Hi Adam, What version of Windows do you have?

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Dec 28, Solution PMB 2. In the DIApp window, double-click the Setup.

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